On the road. Again.

You’d think that after all these years I would remember what happens to an Aries each and every Spring.

We are Martians. We are solar powered. We burn brightly, casting a warm and brilliant light for all to see.  We collapse in the winter to preserve our strength, hiding underground and drawing just enough energy to survive from the trickling light of distant of stars that climbs down to us. And each year, as the earth swings back around toward the sustained nuclear reaction in the sky, we rise from the cold ashes and begin anew.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology…

The next two months are going to be heavy with change for me. First, I’m getting a bionic eye installed in less than two weeks. (Kinda sorta.)  That’s pretty cool and all, but it pales in comparison to what’s happening next.

If you know me, you know I’ve been happily and gainfully employed by Alexander Hamilton’s Kickstarter Project for more than 14 years, traveling hither and thither, moving to and/or visiting stranger and stranger lands while doing many an unusual thing. (“Go here. Do that. Speak to no one about this.”)

Within AHKP, there exists an elite team of crisis responders who travel two by two (hands of blue!) to hurricanes, earthquakes, oil spills, wild fires, uh-oh’s and hot messes in general.  “All hazards, all the time,” reads the sign above the door.  I’ve waited a long time to get a shot at the big league.  And last week, while I was on assignment in the scenic Pacific Northwest, standing atop a towering long-silent processor at the epicenter of an abandoned pulp mill, I received the text of a lifetime: Congratulations on your orders.

I’ve been invited to join the Team.

Believe me when I say that it feels like I’ve been asked to join the Avengers, MiB and Warehouse 13 all rolled into one.  I’ll close up shop here in the Western Lands at the end of May and make best possible speed to Norfolk, VA, reporting for adventure on 16JUN.

The next four years will be the hardest but the most rewarding of my career. “Bring your laptop, your camera, your passport, your gas mask, your A-game and pack your enthusiasm, too.” It’s good to remember who I am, to think on where I’ve been and what I’ve already accomplished in my lifetime. And that’s all pretty cool.  But I know that what lies ahead will be even more challenging than I can possibly imagine, and I’m stoked beyond belief.  I don’t care how hard it will get, how tired I will be, or how many long and lonely miles I will travel, because I’m always gonna come up swinging. There really isn’t enough Tool, enough Iron Maiden, enough strong coffee or delicious human adrenal glands in little brown bottles to truly sum up how I feel right now.

That also means I may not have much time/brainspace left over to write or create for myself. (That painstaking,ultra-complicated second novel I was working on, the one about pirate treasure, time travel, multiple timelines, multi-dimensional lizards and the pure and primal pain of heartbreak? Shelved for the foreseeable future.)  This blog will probably gather dust too, but I’ll try to check in when I can; gently obfuscating the truth as I am wont to do where my fictional work is concerned, burying strange truth beneath a haze of alternative futures and infinite possibility.

Winter is over, people. EVERYTHING IS FASCINATING.


6 thoughts on “On the road. Again.

  1. Way back when, the Polish Leprechaun and I carefully curated a descriptive, yet succinct, list of sounds that cover the gamut of professional and leisure activities you will soon engage in. You should re-familiarize yourself with these sounds. Consider it guidance for all that you’ll face:

    1. Balls to the Wall – Accept
    2. Know Your Rights – The Clash
    3. Fantasy – Aldo Nova

    Good luck. When you find a jukebox in i-think-my-tetanus-shot-is-current evening socializing establishment X in B.F., Nowhere, which contains all three songs, you are MC. RTB.

  2. we always did sign off “ride far and kill many” and its looking like this just came into being with two fists and the fury….congrats my brother and though you might be short on pen time, don’t forget that 24/7 you have a brother out there who will take the call when the wind and wits are slashed against the challenges and you just need a compass point to find the way to punch another hole in the fabric. You deserve it and you dreamed it into being… Mabuhay pare!

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