30DEC2011 – The clock is ticking.  Very soon we will have turned the corner onto what some are calling the home stretch of civilization or at least the end of the world, as we know it.  I don’t think it means “destruction”, but I’m treating it that way.*  Plans, projects, and personal goals are underway.

Everything has changed.  I still struggle with decisions.  I often cannot see more than one year ahead.  Somewhere along the line I stopped asking myself what a great man would do in each instance because I realized I don’t know greatness from clam chowder.  I know what works for me, right here and now.  I feel like I’ve been slowly going nowhere, traveling everywhere.  Still, the plan is to keep moving.  If not walking, then crawling, but always forward.  I have nothing else to say right now.

*Time is running out.  You’re still an asshole.  Best see to that.



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One thought on “20,122,011

  1. as if your a backwards zen master, coming at the bull from the horns, but still realizing the tracks lay beyond and the mounting is long overdue….even without saying a word is clarity is assured…this moment is when the barn burns down and the moon was ever there caught in a cup by the shore..and its taste is still on the lips and I must have been too busy drinking to notice

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