(Apparently I have not accepted that it *is* in fact 2011. Written today.)

4 thoughts on “110,410

  1. there probably aren’t too many places on earth, so tightly compacted, where millions of people feel the same way about their surroundings. nyc must be one of them, at least from time to time. could be worse, though – you could be writing about being dis-enfranchised in the fucking suburbs.

    1. You raise another point; NYC affords copious amounts of anonymity. The weirder you are, the fewer eyebrows you’re gonna raise. It’s probably considered rude for locals to acknowledge the 7-foot supermodel French-kissing a rampant Alsatian in the corner of the subway station, or the wild-eyed madman reliving a pre-recorded argument at the top of his lungs in the middle of the street. Only tourists bat their eyebrows at such displays. But for those of us who’ve not quite stumbled into the rhythm of the city, we continue to let loose of the clutch at the wrong time, grinding our gears into something resembling a prizefighter’s grin. Thanks for reading.

  2. NYC never struck me as a place I needed to live or a scene I needed to be a part of for exactly the reasons and mindset you describe. You strike me as a cat who WILL in fact take something from the city, whether it is anonymity or what, b/c you are an astute observer.

    In the meantime, be on the lookout for dragons and wizards. They probably live down in the tunnels. Lasers are sooo 12 April 2011…;)

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