Quickly, before sleep finds us both…

28NOV2010 – Just a few lines before bed.  I began Sunday morning as I often do; breakfast at Boneshakers. Americano coffee and a Cubano sandwich, please.

The morning’s journal topic: What are the challenges faced by someone who could not die, who would not age and had survived for thousands of years? I mean, what sort of body chemistry would they have, and how would they cope with being alive for so long? Would they be wary and hateful of people, having been witness to our wars and conflicts for so long?

Things were pretty busy at Boneshakers, so I gave up my table and moved on. Browsed my local Staples for awhile. (Does anyone else get a feeling of bliss and contentment from office supply stores, or is it just me?) I picked out a new pen; I go through them so quickly…

Then I walked the streets and thought more about the idea of eternity for awhile, marveling at how brief life really is, how short, how precious our lives are. Birth, school, work, death. We are the decisions of strangers, and much was decided before you were born. And yet, we really have no honest idea why we’re here. Are we an accident? Are we a high school science fair experiment for beings from another dimension?  We’re geniuses at building mental finger traps for ourselves; elegant parlor tricks and riddles without answers. The truth depends upon which century you live in.

I worked out a few knots in the plot of my next project, a prospect which will no doubt pique the interest my good friend (and inventor of the modern drinking faucet) Frank Cvetkovic.

I finished reading The Eyre Affair and started Catapult, which is well-written and filling my head with crazy smart.

And then I watched this movie. I didn’t want it to end. ‘The Man From Earth” is now one of my top favorite films, and I want to see more works, papers and films that address this topic without resorting back to fiction like “The Highlander” series. This lecture I found by Ernest W. Adams is dated, but it asks a lot of good questions, breaks the larger problems into smaller pieces.

And that’s all I have to say about that,


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7 thoughts on “Quickly, before sleep finds us both…

  1. Love this film. It’s a sad irony that Jerome Bixby wrote the screenplay on his deathbed.

    I first saw it a couple of years ago when the producers were encouraging people to download it via Bittorrent, and I still can’t believe it’s relatively unknown, because it’s brilliant!

    1. Each time I get thirsty and head for the toilet bowl, I stop short, smile, remember your gift to mankind, and say a little prayer of thanks.

      1. Oh, I don’t do social networking sites… everyone has their own little revolutions. Perhaps you have gchat or the like?

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