Been a little while since I typed up a new picture to hang in this room…

I’m planning to move to NYC in June (for work), and simultaneously preparing to hand over said work-related responsibilities to an as-yet absent party. Experiment: spend three years becoming something of a subject matter expert for a tech-heavy government project with which you are only vaguely acquainted, but genuinely interested in. Example: VHF radios, radio tower architecture, satellite and rescue communications, and the Washington, D.C.-based political water-balloon battle that must be fought in order to keep said project in the air. Put *everything* you’ve learned about this complicated subject into a cohesive, concise document. Make sure that anyone and everyone who picks it up can easily understand it. Call it a Passdown Log. Leave it for your relief to find. Hope for the best (but expect ..?). And now, recognizing that while you’re more at home in a quiet stretch of woods, you must be prepared to start your life over from scratch in the busiest media market in the country in less than 60 days, with no friends and no allies. No advanced ground support.

And now, random thoughts in lieu of a proper blog entry:

Hours – everything breaks down to hours. The average life expectancy is approximately 75 years. That breaks down to 657,000 hours. That’s all you get! Call it your currency, and your credit limit. There’s not a bank in the land that will grant you an extension on this loan. The pyramids were built X hours ago. The Battle of Hastings was fought X hours ago. I recall the first time I stayed awake for twenty-four hours. In one giddy act, night time ceased to exist. Time fell into two camps: bright time spent awake, and dark time spent asleep.

For me, the Earth literally changed. I became more *aware* of the Earth and it’s clockwork motions, the pale blue dot *hanging* in the vastness of space, like a nervous child that’s waded into the deeper end and can no longer feel the rough concrete floor of the pool with the tips of his toes, and must struggle to keep his tender chin above water. Mouthfuls of chlorinated water splash in, and must be spat out again.

Time – As in “the measurement of atrophy and activity”. Finished my first novel; presently waiting for the legendary @GoFrankGo to finish the cover. Started my second novel – HEAVY on the time travel and spatial anomalies, lots of laws and physics to consider. Winners write the history books – most of what we know is a lie but there’s nothing we can do about it except *recognize* that certain *truths* might just *be* a lie, but that these lies have very little bearing on our everyday lives, and that’s where we spend our attention and focus. Our time here is short (see above) and campaigning for truth serves no real purpose.

(They’re counting on this.)

Light – Is it just me, or is light f*cking amazing? Turn off all the lights in your home. Make it pitch black. Now, open your refrigerator door just a crack. See how far the light spreads! Marvel at the tiny places where light reaches, emanating from one piece of glowing Tungsten sealed inside a thin glass vacuum. I get very excited about the basics, the stuff we take for granted. Forgive me. (The world’s longest lasting light bulb is the Centennial Light located at 4550 East Avenue, Livermore, California. It’s maintained by the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, which claims that the bulb is at least 109 years old and has only been turned off a handful of times. The bulb has been noted by “The Guinness Book of World Records”, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”, and General Electric as being the world’s longest-lasting light bulb.)

Projects – I’m photographing the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore on the 1st of May. Looking forward to the madness (though perhaps not the obligatory “kooky hat” I’m expected to wear!)

Tourists – Stand on the right, WALK on the left, and DON’T STOP at the bottom of the escalator. You WILL get run over.

Coffee – Recently developed a devotion to Americano coffee. Take three parts of heart-stopping espresso, add one part boiling water. Add a short dose of raw sugar and wait exactly ten minutes before sipping. Perfect.

Books – Presently reading: William Gibson’s “Spook Country”, Gene Roddenberry’s novelization of the first “Star Trek” movie, and a book or two on alternative medicine. My Amazon cart is loaded with used goodies – I’m waiting to shed some older skins before I purchase additional ones.

New York – I’ve been pouring over NYC transit maps and schedules in preparation for my move to Alien Territory. I think the system was initially sketched on a dare, but for whatever reason the designers had to follow through with it. (Google Earth has a lot of useful tools.) At this point I can almost picture myself wandering the streets, my bag over one shoulder, camera at the ready, my brain set on GATHER, my eyes searching for artifacts which fall under the following categories: rather weird, very old…

Listening to: Jello Biafra and the Melvins “Caped Crusader”,


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4 thoughts on “100413/1502

    1. I visited New York in a hot hurry way back in ’95, and then recently I had a work gig that took me to Staten Island, about two years back. Other than that? Nyet! I’ve always tried to steer clear of it; too much noise, too much concrete, too many people. Not typically my scene. But when I was offered the choice of Baltimore or New York, suddenly it didn’t seem as daunting…

  1. You should post more ‘life updates’ like this more often. I dig ’em (even though I talk to you, like, twice a week…).

    And, yeah, I wish that ass-hat, @GoFrankGo, would get off his bum and make a decision about that damned book cover already!

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