State of No-State

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Far from implying an empty mind! Present topics of interest include: glossololia, modern manners, Gemini herbalists, near-Earth asteroid strikes and, of course, the Pale Blue Dot.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is high time for an upheaval. I’ve been 27 for nearly a decade now, and next month I’ll turn 38. For all my experiences, travels, adventures and headstrong attempts to achieve an altered state or even come close to understanding sensory overload, I’m still trapped in the same animated meatbag I was born in, allowing for cellular regeneration and growth. (The concept of our body as a fixed, frozen sculpture in time is fictitious, for what we think of as our solid body is really just patterns of intelligence briefly precipitating into tangible sensations. Furthermore, the reduction of reality to material properties is a myth. We are not physical creatures having intelligent thought; we are, in truth, the very intelligence which generates this physical experience. We now return you to ‘The A-Team, already in progress.)

(Effort involved in that paragraph: 8 minutes, 4 versions, 3 sips of Red Bull.)

Truth is I’ve been busier than a (insert clever analogy here) balancing school, work, and a social life. At present, there’s nothing I can tell you that you don’t already think you know.

(Effort: 15 minutes, 2 versions, finished 16.9 Oz can of Red Bull)

Possibly I’m finished with writing, or maybe writing is finished with me, one. Nothing lasts forever, except nothing and forever. Don’t kid yourself. You’re just as stuck as me.

See you soon,

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