Verba Volant, Scripta Manent

I am:

– singing The White Stripes ‘Jolene‘ at the top of my lungs. This song, this version, should have gone up on the last Space Shuttle mission. They could open Enterprise’s cargo bay doors, heft those two-story Blaupunkt speakers into position, and blare this lonely song out into the far reaches of outer space. (Go ahead, tell me sound waves wouldn’t travel through space.) Conclusion: Jack White’s voice has more raw passion than a set full of of porn stars.

– going to the “M” word tonight. I know, I said I’d never go back. But it’s an old friend’s birthday, and sometimes you’ve just gotta cave. I’ll be wearing my new ‘Serenity’ t-shirt. Goddamn, I love that show. Shame it had to fold! (insert mocking voice here) “The American people won’t understand, no one will get the jokes…” So many possibilities, so much promise. Only the good die young, eh? On the bright side, I discovered ‘The Big Bang Theory’, which I rather like. Still no cable TV in my home, not since the end of the 90s and probably never again. There, see how I got away from the unpleasant subject of Murphy’s in just ten sentences? Shit, you should hear me diagram the word ‘masturbate.’

– brainstorming for ideas. “You can give up on your work, but your work will never give up on you.” I’ve been writing since I could hold a Crayon, and I don’t plan on stopping. I’ve often said that if I ever fell through the cracks, if I ever dropped out of sight, you can bet that I’d still find paper and a pen.

– writing this by candlelight.

– alive, thinking, feeling, struggling, contemplating, sitting, orbiting, daydreaming, pondering, being.

– reminded again how I associate dub music with going into space: Neuromancer, The Fifth Element. It reminds me of walking home from my favorite bar in Juneau during the cold, silent winter nights; a soft buzz in my skull, a warm scarf over my face, headphones tucked in, the soft crunch of fresh powder underfoot, and a sky of snowflakes swooping down upon me as though I were walking through the stars…

– envious of my friend Ninja, who got to meet Saul Williams a few weeks ago. Talk about a man of Golden Words!

– anticipating my first iPhone in a few months. Sure, it’s an incredibly handy device, but I want mine for another reason: closure. When I was younger, I became fascinated with certain concepts, ideas that have moved with me throughout my life: traveling through space and time, writing and documentation, exploring new worlds. Then I read ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ which combined all of them. For me, getting an iPhone is like finally having my own copy of the Guide.

– one clever mofo.

Constantly rejuvenated on the cellular level,



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