Turn the Page

06APR08 – A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I will allow myself a paragraph to document the passing of another year, without becoming maudlin or remorseful or looking back to the past. Rather to anchor myself in the here and now, where I have taken up residence, where I do all my living anyhow. As I pay rent in the present tense, it makes sense to spend more time here.

Just spent a good hour stretching and doing some much needed yoga. The mind is calm. I’ve been reading the Hagakure as of late, reading a treatise of warrior wisdom first penned in 1700 for something I can use today. At 37 years of age, I’ve got a lot going for me. Good health. All my hair, all my teeth, and no gut. A beautiful child. A solid life. Valuable job skills. Honest and fulfilling love from someone I care for deeply. A few good friends. No addictions, no warrants, no massive debts. “Nobody died, and nobody went to jail,” as the saying goes.

As the world turns,
I emit a thankful sigh
from within my dreams.

I am tired. I’m going to sleep.


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